LL.M. in U.S. Law

teacher meeting student's parent at LLM CommencementThe Master of Laws (LL.M.) in U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers at Washington University is designed for law students who are interested in increasing their knowledge of U.S. law to more effectively practice in today’s global legal environment. LL.M. students join a student body drawn from diverse legal cultures and learn from faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized experts in fields ranging from international law and constitutional law to corporate and other private law fields. The LL.M. curriculum was developed to suit the academic and career goals of students by offering a general course of study to increase their breadth of knowledge of the law in the United States and of U.S. law in international business.

Many graduates of the LL.M. in U.S. Law at Washington University sit for a U.S. bar examination. Each state has specific requirements for any applicant to be eligible to sit for the bar exam. Applicants who are interested in sitting for a U.S. bar exam should examine the requirements for foreign trained lawyers carefully. You can learn more about the bar exam process and find the bar examiner for different states here.

Our LL.M. program is an ideal environment for experienced attorneys and recent law graduates alike to pursue a number of significant professional and academic goals, such as:

  • Gaining practical and theoretical knowledge of U.S. law;
  • Developing your expertise in a specialized field of law;
  • Strengthening the ability to attract clients who have business dealings in the U.S. or with U.S. companies and firms;
  • Improving the representation of American clients who conduct business abroad;
  • Building an international network of professional contacts;
  • Refining English skills and understanding of American culture.
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