Student Experience


@WashULaw programs feature live classes hosted on a state-of-the-art online platform and are taught by the same faculty who teach on campus. Class discussions are conducted in the interactive, discussion-based Socratic method, which is the preferred method of instruction in U.S. law schools. Because our classroom has no back row, students and faculty are able to engage in rich debate and conversation, bringing the best of the traditional law school classroom to an online experience. Request Information >
No more than 18 students.
Available online 24/7.
Live office hours with faculty.



As with live classes, our self-paced, immersive course work incorporates Socratic learning. Through high-quality, faculty-produced content, students can immerse themselves in a dynamic learning experience, working through cases and arguments with classmates and professors. Course work is developed by Washington University School of Law professors and designed to prepare students to develop their legal skills and knowledge. Learn more about our @WashULaw faculty >
COURSE CONTENT is accessible 24/7 via our online platform through the use of any computer, tablet or mobile device. This content includes dynamic videos, real-time quizzes and recorded lectures that must be completed in advance of weekly live classes.



@WashULaw students are invited to attend an optional Immersion Program in the United States. Students who choose to participate in the Immersion will visit law firms and courthouses in St. Louis to get a real-world glimpse into the inner workings of the American legal system. They will also complete a for-credit course on campus at Washington University School of Law during the intensive one-week January term. The Immersion Program also offers students the chance to meet classmates, professors and practicing lawyers for in-person networking.




The @WashULaw online platform allows students from around the world to network and collaborate. Students are able to create profiles, as they do with other social networking tools, to keep in touch about assignments and class discussions as well as personal and professional achievements. @WashULaw students from countries such as Brazil, China, the U.S. and Australia can form connections outside of the classroom, meeting for study groups, projects and virtual networking sessions.
Students are professionals from around the world.
Live sessions are taught by university faculty.
Online platform facilitates social engagement.



Dedicated support begins the moment candidates inquire about one of our programs and lasts a lifetime. @WashULaw Admissions Counselors are available throughout the application process to answer questions. Once enrolled, students work with our student support team, which includes technical support. Upon graduation, @WashULaw students become full members of the Washington University alumni community. Learn more >

“As part of the Student Support team, I assist students with managing the logistics of attending live class sessions from anywhere in the world and help them to manage the work/life balance that pursuing a graduate degree necessitates. I get to be part of the support system for amazing individuals as they navigate through an incredible program”

—Mary Margaret Herman, Student Support Manager