Scott A. Baker


Professor Scott Baker is a prolific and widely-respected law and economics scholar. His research interests lie at the intersection of law, economics, and game theory. He tackles a wide range of topics from judicial performance to the structure of law firms to problems in patent law. His co-authored works have appeared in the Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Legal Analysis, Journal of Law and Economics and the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, as well as numerous law reviews. He is the recipient of a Tilburg University grant for studies in the law and economics of innovation. In the fall of 2012, Baker served as a fellow in the Becker/Friedman institute at the University of Chicago. Before joining the faculty in 2009, Professor Baker was a professor of law and economics at the University of North Carolina, where he served as associate dean for faculty affairs and received the McCall Award for Law School Teacher of the Year. After graduating from law school, he obtained his Ph.D. in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with his dissertation focusing on game theory and the law. Professor Baker clerked for the Hon. E. Grady Jolly, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

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Research Datasets

What is your background?
I have a phd in economics and a law degree. Following law school, I clerked on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. After that, I began teaching.

Curriculum Vitae

What is your area of expertise?
Law and economics. My research involves formally modeling various aspects of the legal system.

Which course(s) do you teach?
I teach contracts on line. Off line I have taught contracts, torts, intellectual property, patents, property, and a seminar in game theory and the law.

What is your favorite course to teach and why?
Contracts. I find how private parties solve their problems by drafting particular clauses really interesting.

What excites you most about teaching in the online format of @WashULaw?
It’s new. It’s different. Since it hasn’t been tried before I wanted to be the first to see if the case based method could work online.

Have you lectured internationally?
Yes. I have given talks in the Netherthelands and taught a short course in Germany.

Have you ever worked at an international law firm or corporation with international business?

In your opinion, what is going to be one specific area of law that will be increasingly critical to have a knowledge about over the next five years?
Intellectual property

In your opinion, which international market(s) are going to be top markets for legal career opportunities?

What are your most recent publications?
In 2012, I published two articles
A Theory of Rational Jurisprudence (w. C. Mezzetti) appearing in the Journal of Political Economy
A Dynamic Model of Legal Doctrine (w. P. Kim) appearing in the Journal of Legal Analysis


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