Alejandro Posadas elected to represent Latin America at the Global Alliance for Justice Education

Alejandro Posadas, Director of Graduate Studies in Law at Escuela de Gobierno y Tranformación Pública at Tecnológico de Monterrey, was elected as a new member of the Executive Committee of the biannual conference Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE), becoming one of the two representatives of Latin America.

The GAJE is a global alliance of professionals committed to the access and delivery of justice through high-level education. Their actions are aimed at promoting the exchange of information and academic experiences in law involving practicing lawyers as judges, members of NGOs and other disciplines. The conference where Alejandro Posadas was elected was held in July at the Law School of the University of Anadolu,Turkey, and included participation by 350 representatives from around the world.

"I am delighted that we have this constructive space for academic participation, with international cooperation, to benefit our students and the public interest."

Alejandro Posadas’ honorary responsibility lasts for two additional international conferences or approximately four years. In an interview, Dr. Alejandro Posadas said that he hopes to “facilitate the objectives and purposes of the organization,” especially for legal justice to continue to make progress in Latin America.