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Washington University School of Law News and Events: Interim Dean

Kent D. Syverud, JD, dean and the Ethan A.H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor, was recently named Syracuse University’s next chancellor.

@WashULaw Connects with Attorneys at the IBA’s Annual Conference

The International Bar Association and @WashULaw share the same central mission: to bring together attorneys from every corner of the globe.

Legal English: “Objection to Dischargeability”

An “objection to dischargeability” is an objection by a creditor to the wiping out of a particular debt pursuant to a discharge obtained at the end of a bankruptcy case. Obtaining as comprehensive a discharge as possible is one of the main goals of most debtors...

Legal English: “Joint Petition”

In general, a “joint petition” is a request made to a court or other authority that is submitted and signed by two or more parties, as opposed to just one. Most commonly, joint petitions are submitted by married couples...

Why Are U.S. Contracts So Long?

A question many lawyers from civil law jurisdictions ask when they first see a contract draft from a U.S. lawyer is:
“Why is it so long!?”
Some will conclude that U.S. contracts …

Legal English: “Writ”

A “writ” is a fairly archaic term for an official order issued by a governmental authority, most commonly a court. Two familiar types of writs are warrants (for the arrest of an individual) and subpoenas (used in civil proceedings and business litigation to order the production of documents)...