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Legal English: “Disclosure Statement”

A “disclosure statement” is a document setting forth the terms of an agreement (or other arrangement) in language that is perhaps more understandable than that found in an operative legal document. Disclosure statements are used in lending and in other contexts...

Top Law Firm: Pinheiro Neto Advogados

The Pinheiro Neto Advogados Law Firm, located in Brazil, is one of the top law firms in the country.

Legal English: “Misdemeanor”

Today’s legal english phrase, “misdemeanor,” refers to a minor crime, generally punishable by less than one year in prison. Major crimes, on the other hand, are referred to as “felonies.”


Making the Shift from Local to International Legal Matters: How an LL.M in U.S. Law Can Help

Many lawyers are able to have robust and fulfilling careers without ever having to work on matters that involve parties outside their own national borders.
But modern practice, especially when representing …

Legal English: “Mistrial”

A “mistrial” is declared by a judge when an error has occurred or a circumstance exists that renders continuation of the trial in a just manner impossible. A mistrial terminates the proceedings and nullifies them so that they cannot be of any legal effect. The most...

Legal English: “Motion in Limine”

Today’s phrase, “motion in limine,” is a Latin term referring to a motion that is made before or during a trial, generally to request a judge’s ruling on admissibility of evidence. Translating to “at the start” , a motion in limine is made outside of the jury’s hearing and before a piece...