@WashULaw Connects with Attorneys at the IBA’s Annual Conference

The International Bar Association and @WashULaw share the same central mission: to bring together attorneys from every corner of the globe. For that reason, it was a natural match when we joined the IBA’s 2013 Annual Conference in Boston as a sponsor and exhibitor.

The conference commenced on Sunday, Oct. 6, with a keynote address by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. As the week unfolded, attendees enjoyed a wealth of intriguing seminars, symposia and a variety of other professional and social events (to get a feel for these events, check out the #ibaboston feed on Twitter), culminating in the Rule of Law symposium held on the conference’s final day on Friday, Oct. 11.

The team from @WashULaw was right at the center of the gathering, demonstrating the possibilities of our platform to the approximately 6,000 registered delegates and lawyers from around the world. Visitors to our booth were able to learn how an online LL.M. in U.S. law is a convenient and valuable educational opportunity for the modern international practitioner.

The IBA Conference gave @WashULaw program officials the opportunity to demonstrate how our technology makes an online LL.M. possible. As mentioned above, the program takes place online, which means that classes, study groups, assignment submission and other ordinary features of an LL.M. program are all facilitated by web-based solutions.

Online courses that occur via streaming video are the centerpiece of our program. To demonstrate the online class experience, Michael Koby, Associate Dean of @WashULaw, conducted a lecture live from the @WashULaw booth in Boston, which attracted an audience from those attending the conference. Professor Koby’s lecture brought in students from Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico and other countries. The students even included a member of India’s Parliament, showing that @WashULaw interests a wide variety of practitioners from around the world.

The legal community continues to take notice of the possibilities created by the @WashULaw program. In an article published by the Global Legal Post, Reuben Guttman, director at Grant & Eisenhofer and adjunct professor at Emory University Law School, summed up the live class presentation with the observation that, “Here in Boston, Washington University is leaving its mark.”

Our hope is that, as our program continues to grow and thrive, we will leave our mark on many other cities around the world, and help our student attorneys do the same with their legal practices.