Career Services for Law Students

@WashULaw students have access to career services support to help them prepare for a job search or achieve their professional goals. Our career services include a variety of resources:

Virtual Career Center

Upon enrollment, students gain access to the Virtual Career Center, an online, self-paced, professional development course that provides tools, resources and knowledge to help students expand their networks and advance their careers. Topics in this course include job search planning, résumé and cover letter guidance, networking and interviewing strategies, and advice on building an online presence. In this course, students can also upload their résumé to receive feedback and use our video technology for recording practice interviews.

One-on-one career advising

Career counseling advisors provide students with personalized career advice. Students can make individual appointments via phone or video conference to receive guidance in managing job searches, preparing for interviews, developing résumés and more. Read about all the student support we offer.

Information sessions and webinars

Throughout the program, students have access to recorded information sessions as well as live webinars from @WashULaw’s Career Services department. Some of these webinars include topics such as résumé-building, Bar-prep and other program-specific topic areas.

Washington University School of Law alumni network

Graduates can use tools like LinkedIn’s @WashULaw Alumni Group to connect to their global network from anywhere. The Career Center also hosts events and career networking opportunities to help students and graduates stay connected to the global Washington University School of Law community. Learn more about the Career Center.