David Silver

Los Angeles, California
Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
Law Clerk, City Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles

What attracted you to @WashULaw?

My law firm clients thought this Master of Legal Studies program would be beneficial to my litigation public relations firm because my client base includes law firms and general counsel. Additionally, Washington University in St. Louis is a top-20 law school.

How does this degree fit into your career plan?

I know have the legal knowledge to work with lawyers and general counsel. In fact, because of my studies in the law school, I have also been chosen to work as a law clerk in the City Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles in its litigation division, one of the largest in the country.

What is it like to participate in a law program in an online setting?

I enjoy meeting very smart students from different countries and participating in discussions about different aspects of American law. The setting is like being in the classroom studying law because you must be prepared and be willing to talk about cases as the professors focus on a case, statute or judicial decision.

What is your favorite class?

Civil Procedure with Professor John Drobak. He is brilliant as a lecturer, and since he is trained as an economist and lawyer, he brought a lot of gravitas to his analysis and questions of cases as he trained us how to think as lawyers in this class and another class I took with him in the campus immersion, Antitrust Law in the Global Markets.

How do you see yourself making a difference with your degree?

It is a game changer. Law firms and general counsel now see me in an elevated manner — not just as a public relations executive but as a member of the legal fraternity. It has been great for my public relations business, and since I speak at conferences around the country, it has put me in the first tier of speakers with this added legal knowledge. Additionally, lawyers and CEOs are very impressed that I went back to school to learn the law at the age of 63; it gives me a competitive advantage and creates good will for my reputation.