Farid Escobar

Miami, Florida
Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
Chief Commercial and Operations Officer

Why did you decide to pursue this degree?

I had put off my law degree for quite a long time. Perhaps because of work, time or family. This MLS, though not a J.D., is the next best thing to a J.D. The classes enhanced my understanding of U.S. law.

Can you describe what it is like to participate in a law program in an online setting?

It is the best of both worlds. The off-line portion, or asynchronous, is dynamic, engaging and profoundly well thought out. The online class, or synchronous, firmly solidifies one’s subject matter comprehension, and the personal interaction with professors and students really enriches the learning experience.

How do you see yourself making a difference with your degree?

The degree will allow me to more independently consider legal counsel on certain matters, where before I may not have really needed an attorney but retained one either way for lack of knowledge of U.S. law.

What are your goals upon graduating?

Continue my consulting business while expanding it to legal areas that were unfamiliar to me.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience in the program?

I’m in the program thanks to my Admissions Counselor who was instrumental in explaining the program and how I would interact with it.