Katy A. Forand

St. Louis, Missouri
Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
Sales Associate

Why did you decide to pursue this degree?

Between my professional and nonprofit work, I was dealing with legal questions almost daily. This program provided the fundamentals — using this legal knowledge to address issues and strategic planning has been very helpful.

What were your biggest surprises about the program?

The connections and friendships made with fellow students. Despite differences in location, time zones and even countries, there is a strong sense of community, even after graduation.

What features of the online platform stood out to you the most?

The online platform is very easy to use. The audio and video quality, as well as the features, were better than I expected. It truly felt like being in a classroom. The professor could post slides, break the class into small groups and take surveys.

What are your goals upon graduating?

This program opened many doors, but my main focus is improving my current position and using this new skill set to increase my professional gains as well as allowing me to be a better nonprofit board member.

How engaged do you feel with the community?

Washington University excels at inclusion, and the online community is no exception. I’ve made some great friends through this program — some in town, most out of state. As an alumni, I’m very connected to the Washington University and Washington University Law communities. It’s a wonderful network with many opportunities for continued learning.