Dispute Resolution and Mediation

With an increasing number of legal cases being settled outside the courtroom, dispute resolution is becoming a popular vocation for more legal professionals.

In order to convince clients of the benefits of forging agreements without litigation, a legal background is crucial. With a Master of Legal Studies (MLS), you will build the foundation you need to forge these agreements, as well as the skills to facilitate a productive dialogue between two parties.

What Can Mediators Do With an MLS Degree?

Negotiation and Contracts will be two of the most important MLS courses for you as a mediator. You will graduate with the skills to negotiate and facilitate conversation and compromise between two disputing parties, outline mutually agreeable proposals, and draft productive agreements — all out of court.

Relevant Courses

  • Civil Procedure
  • Negotiation
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Writing
  • Contracts
  • Trial Advocacy
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