Health Care

As a professional in the health-care sector, you likely work with law in a variety of ways — such as contracts and negotiations, and health-care legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, civil rights and disability law. A Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree can help you better understand these issues and the rights of your patients, and in turn provide better care.

Professionals in health care who would benefit from our MLS degree include health-care administrators; legal nurse consultants; and professionals who have patient advocacy responsibilities.

Health-care administrators

Health-care laws can be difficult to decipher and complex to navigate. With an MLS degree, you will build a background in this area — including the skills to quickly understand legal jargon — so you can perform your job more efficiently and better support your patients.

Legal nurse consultants

With courses like Health Law, Contracts and Professional Responsibility, you will build the background needed to provide expert medical advice to clients involved in legal proceedings.

Professionals with patient advocacy responsibilities

In order to properly advocate for a patient, you will need to thoroughly understand their rights and have the skills to effectively negotiate in a variety of different situations. An MLS will help you develop and refine these abilities.

Relevant Courses

  • Health Law
  • Contracts
  • Legal Writing
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Constitutional Law
  • Employment Law
  • Trial Advocacy
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