Politics and Government

Comprehensive exposure to the various laws and entities that regulate the political process is crucial for politicians and government officials to do their jobs well. A Master of Legal Studies (MLS) will help you understand the legal issues that regulate the political process and the interactions among various government entities. This serves as important background when shaping public policy, working on political campaigns, analyzing and drafting laws, and mediating between parties.

Professionals in politics or government who would benefit from our MLS degree include:


Legislators and executive officials need a fundamental understanding of the U.S. legal system in order to knowledgeably draft, propose and carry out laws and policies. Constitutional law and a background in international business transactions can be especially useful for federal politicians.

Legislative personnel

A legal foundation, including a background in negotiation, can help you mediate between parties, lobby for a bill or initiative, analyze proposed legislation and advise political officials about the impact their decisions can have on constituents. Courses like Legal Writing can also help you hone your skills for drafting correspondences, bills and speech scripts.


As a lobbyist, you need to be able to properly advocate for your clients — and courses like Negotiation will help you do so. You will also hone your communications skills so you can analyze legislation or regulatory proposals and clearly educate government officials and corporate officers on relevant issues.

Congressional staffers

An MLS will prepare you to confidently and comprehensively assist a member of Congress during their term in office. You will build the knowledge base to make informed decisions and influence public policy.

Legal aides

In order to provide proper assistance to your clients, you will need a thorough understanding of the U.S. legal system. You will benefit from courses like Civil Procedure, Legal Writing, Contracts and Trial Advocacy.

Government relations officers

For a government relations officer, communication and analytical skills are key — and an MLS degree will help you cultivate them as they relate to the legal space. You will develop the writing skills to draft clear summaries of legislative proposals for staff, the persuasion and negotiation skills to advocate for bills, and the comprehension skills to read and absorb large volumes of legal information.

Relevant Courses

  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Legal Writing
  • Negotiation
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Professional Responsibility
  • International Business Transactions