LL.M. in U.S. Law

How long does it take to complete the program and what are the academic requirements?
The LL.M. program can be completed full-time in four terms over a 12-month period, or over up to 8 terms in a 24-month period. Each term will have eight weeks of instructional time, a one-week exam period and a two to three-week break between each term. Students will need to complete six units per term for a required total of 24 units to graduate. Successful degree candidates must average passing marks from all courses. LL.M. degrees are awarded to students who successfully earn 24 hours of academic credit, which can be completed in four terms of study (full-time) or up to eight terms (part-time).

What are the course descriptions and will the classes be in sequential order?
The classes and course schedule have already been predetermined based on the needs of foreign-trained lawyers. Please refer to the course description section for more details.

What do students study in the @WashULaw LL.M. program?
The program was designed for graduates of foreign law schools who desire a robust grounding in U.S. law and who may intend to sit for a U.S. bar examination. The law school’s curriculum blends traditional theory and opportunities to participate in a wide variety of lawyering skills courses and co-curricular activities that encourage the development of practical competencies and interdisciplinary learning.

Are there any required campus visits?
There are no required campus visits. However, as part of the Washington University family, graduates of @WashULaw will be invited to participate in on-campus commencement ceremonies in St. Louis, Missouri. Students are also able to participate in an optional immersion program studying and visiting several U.S. cities.

Is there a campus equivalent to the @WashULaw LL.M. program?
Students who are interested in attending the residential LL.M. program, located in St. Louis, Missouri, can learn more about it here.

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