International Taxation

Washington University School of Law | 3 credits

The course is intended to provide students with a thorough knowledge of and deep insight into contract law problems and solutions in an international perspective; specific attention will be given to the distribution contract, given its importance and its wide use in international relations. This course consists of two parts. The first part is dedicated to the analysis and comparison of the most used contractual clauses in the different legal systems; in this context the principles governing the choice of the law applicable to the contract, as well as the issues related to jurisdiction, will also be examined. The second part favors a practical approach: students will negotiate and draft an international distribution contract, applying the principles that have been highlighted and analyzed in the first part. During the course it will also be highlighted the way in which the major differences between the common law systems and the civil law systems affect the formation, the application and the consequences of the non-application of the international contract.

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