John N. Drobak

Fundamentals of U.S. Law II: Civil Procedure

Professor of Economics


B.S., 1970, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
J.D., 1973, Stanford University


Professor John N. Drobak is an expert in antitrust, economic regulation, and law and economics. A pioneer in interdisciplinary education and scholarship, he is a past director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (now the Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Work and Social Capital); co-taught for many years a course with Nobel laureate in economics Douglass North; and has been involved in a number of joint programs at Washington University, including in business, economics and political economy. A co-founder of the International Society for New Institutional Economics, Professor Drobak has written extensively on such diverse topics as the constitutional limits on utility rate-making, rent control and other types of price regulation, the Supreme Court’s role in the creation of a national commercial law in the 19th century, cognitive science perspective on legal incentives, judicial decision making and the new institutional economics. He has participated in and organized numerous symposia, workshops and panels here and overseas, including France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland and the Netherlands on such topics as corporate governance, new institutional economics and cognition and legal incentives. In addition to his scholarship, Professor Drobak is a four-time recipient of the law school’s Teacher of the Year Award, and Washington University’s Distinguished Faculty Award. He has served as a pro bono consultant for the Czech government concerning its voucher privatization of large government enterprises and for the Republic of Georgia regarding the drafting of a new constitution. He also was a 15-year member of the MBA faculty for the United States Business School in Prague. Before joining the faculty, he clerked for the Hon. Winslow Christia, California Court of Appeal, then practiced with Tyler, Cooper, Grant, Bowerman & Keefe in New Haven, Connecticut, for five years.

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