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Pirate Architecture and Copyrights: Do Laws Really Prevent Copycat Designs?

The pace of building in China means Chinese architects create buildings the same way someone may cut-and-paste images into a collage. Where is the line between allowable architectural inspiration and flat-out thievery? And where does the law come in?

Women in Law [Infographic]

In the legal industry, there are more women than ever before — 68 percent today compared to 33 percent in 2013. In part one of a three-part series, @WashULaw presents an infographic that explores the history, career growth and existing disparities of women in law today, as well as what law firms can do to advocate for women and narrow the gender wage gap.

Alejandro Posadas elected to represent Latin America at the Global Alliance for Justice Education

Alejandro Posadas, Director of Graduate Studies in Law at Escuela de Gobierno y Tranformación Pública at Tecnológico de Monterrey, was elected as a new member of the Executive Committee of the biannual conference Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE), becoming one of the two representatives of Latin America.

Major Differences Between the Mexican and U.S. Legal Systems

As many attorneys already know, the Mexican and U.S. legal systems have a number of differences. The U.S. legal system is a common law system, growing from the English legal …


Legal English – “Summary Judgment”

A “summary judgment” is granted in cases where there is no dispute regarding the material facts and one party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Typically, summary judgment is sought via a motion made by one party or the other before trial. The goal...

Legal English: "Voir Dire"

Voir dire” is a pre-trial process by which jurors are examined for their ability to render a fair verdict in a particular case pending before the court. Voir dire examinations are conducted in open court by a judge with the participation of attorneys for both parties...