Cross-University Course Benefit

@WashULaw students have the opportunity to enroll in online graduate-level courses from top American graduate schools affiliated with our technology partner, 2U, Inc. Click on a program below to see available courses.1

Legal professionals often benefit from acquiring expertise in areas outside of a traditional legal education, and taking courses from some of the best American graduate schools can help you build your skills and your resume. With cross-university courses, students can choose from more than 50 courses that go beyond the @WashULaw curriculum. For example, @WashULaw students working in the nonprofit field may consider MPA@UNC courses, such as Navigating Nonprofit-Local Government Relationships in Organizations or Technology and Community Engagement.

As with @WashULaw, these programs feature live, online classes taught by university faculty and a low student-to-professor ratio. They also offer high-quality, immersive course work, which students complete on their own time.

1Please note that each university participating in this initiative has its own rules and restrictions regarding the enrollment of @WashULaw students in its courses. For more details, please speak to an Admissions Counselor or visit our FAQ .