Online Learning Experience

Live Classroom

Our programs feature live classes hosted using the interactive Zoom HD platform with course work designed and led by the same faculty who teach on campus. Faculty conduct class using the Socratic method, a teaching style in which professors encourage discussion and debate to help students reach their own conclusions and truly engage with the material.

Holding courses live via webcam allows students and faculty to participate in this rich conversation, bringing the best of the traditional law school classroom to an online experience.

To learn more about our online programs, download a brochure.

Small Classes:
Experience an 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Recorded Sessions:
Access sessions online 24/7.

Personalized Learning:
Collaborate face-to-face with your classmates and faculty.

Immersive Course Work

The high-quality, rigorous course work is designed by our School of Law faculty to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the law. Additionally, we offer a wide range of electives so that students can customize their learning to their career goals.

Students can learn asynchronously, attending live classes on a computer, while accessing course material from a smartphone, tablet or computer 24/7. The course work completed outside of class prepares students for the weekly live class sessions, where they are challenged to apply what they have learned and engage with classmates.

To inform their legal writing and research, students also have access to the legal research databases LexisNexis and Westlaw. These databases, which are used by lawyers and law firms, allow students to view legal resources such as cases, state and federal statutes, administrative codes, public records, law journals, law reviews, and legal forms.

Students graduate fully prepared to work with the law and legal procedures and gain a diverse network of like-minded peers around the world. Learn more about what you can do with a degree from @WashULaw.

Remote Accessiblity:
Log on to our online classroom via a computer, and complete your assignments on a tablet, mobile device or computer.

Rigorous Course Work:
Complete work designed by distinguished School of Law faculty.

Interactive Learning:
Learn through videos, real-time quizzes and Q&A sessions.

On-Campus Weekend Learning Experience

Students have the opportunity to attend an optional weekend immersion in St. Louis, Missouri. During the trip, students will get a real-world glimpse into the inner workings of the U.S. legal system by visiting courthouses and historic legal landmarks around the city. They will also enhance their curriculum by completing a one-credit elective course on campus at Washington University School of Law and be able to network with classmates, professors and practicing lawyers in person. Learn more about the immersion.

Network Opportunities:
Meet and cultivate connections with professionals in your field.

Courthouse Tour:
Visit courthouses and historic landmarks in St. Louis.

One-Credit Elective:
Take a course on campus with your classmates.

WeWork Membership

We provide all students in our online programs with a free Global Access membership to WeWork, a global community of workspaces with hundreds of locations worldwide. With this membership, you are granted access to all locations, allowing you to easily complete coursework or attend class whether you are on the road for work or just looking for a quiet study space. In addition, you can take advantage of all WeWork amenities and use this as an opportunity to network and meet up with your local classmates and professionals in your community.

LinkedIn Premium Career

All students receive access to LinkedIn Premium Career to help them build on the skills they gain in our online programs. These career-enhancing features allow you to take advantage of salary insights, LinkedIn Learning courses, interactive interview preparation, and the ability to send InMail to hiring managers.

Social Engagement

Our online platform allows students to create virtual study groups where they can collaborate and network with diverse classmates from around the world. Students are able to create profiles, as they do with other social networking tools, and keep in touch about assignments, class discussions and personal and professional achievements.

Mobile App

Our mobile application gives students the chance to access our innovative online learning platform from their iPhone, iPad or Android device. The app allows students to access course content at any time, interact directly with professors and classmates, submit projects and assignments, and set reminders for upcoming due dates and events.

Seamless Communication:
Interact directly with professors and classmates.

24/7 Availability:
Submit assignments and access course content at any time.

Easy Organization:
Set reminders for upcoming due dates and events.

Student Support

Dedicated support begins the moment candidates inquire about one of our programs through graduation and beyond. Our Admissions Counselors are available throughout the application process to answer questions. Once enrolled, students work with our student support team, which includes technical support. Upon completion of the program, online students can join their peers in the residential programs and walk across the stage to be honored during the School of Law commencement ceremony. After graduation, students in our online programs become full members of the Washington University alumni community. Learn more about student support.