Robert Reidell

Eagan, Minnesota
Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
Content Specialist

What were your biggest surprises about the program?

I was really impressed with the professors. I naturally went into the program with high expectations, but they exceeded them with their knowledge of the subject matter and willingness to work with students individually.

Why online? What career successes have you had because of it?

Online was simply more convenient. The class helped me land a position in a field that I’m interested in and have a leg up on other people in my department.

How do online classes benefit your lifestyle?

Online classes were great. They were extremely convenient and made it easy for me to transition from a long day at work into class. It was very easy to implement into my schedule and saved me plenty of time driving to and from class.

How engaged do you feel with the community?

I think that Washington University in St. Louis does the best it can to give you every opportunity to be a part of the community. There are tons of resources available to you and plenty of people willing to help you with anything you may have questions about. I feel engaged because I took the time to respond to emails, speak with my advisers and learn about the university I was attending.

How do you see yourself making a difference with your degree?

I hope to inspire others to pursue a higher degree and show them how great of an impact the education can have on your career and personal life.