Staci Moore

Looneyville, West Virginia
Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
English Teacher

What attracted you to @WashULaw?

I was attracted to @WashULaw because of the ability to get experience in law while working. With the online program, I don’t have to worry about how I am going to make a living while going to school. I am a nontraditional student, so being able to learn around my work schedule and choose the classes I want to take makes the @WashULaw program a cut above the rest.

What career or personal goals motivated you to pursue a deeper understanding of the law?

I am going to try to complete my degree in international relations from Washington University in St. Louis after I receive my master’s. I plan to go to work for either The Rutherford Institute or the Christian Law Association to advocate for missionaries on the foreign field. I eventually want to run for public office in my state and local government and eventually make it to the United States Senate representing the great state of West Virginia.

How does this degree fit into your career plan?

Having a law degree will give me the ability to protect and advocate for missionaries as they try to help people in foreign lands. I have personally known missionaries and preachers that were arrested for not following laws that violated basic human rights. Fighting for these men and women is my goal, because they fight for people that can’t fight for themselves.

This degree helps me to understand that law-making process and how the law is interpreted. I see how many politicians interpret the law and write it to fit the needs of their agendas, constituents and the people of the United States. Knowledge is power, and understanding breeds knowledge. The knowledge I have gained through @WashULaw has been invaluable in gaining that understanding and knowledge.

What is it like to participate in a law program in an online setting?

This particular online setting makes discussion with the professor very easy. It feels just like any other class I have taken — I do the reading and homework during the week, go to class and discuss the work, and contact the professor any time I need explanation for something. Participating in this setting is different, but the class size makes everything so much easier. The online setting just makes it easier to contact your professor and fellow students. It also makes it easier to fit the extra work into my schedule. I can keep up with the work, the class meetings and all of my other obligations. It really is an awesome program.