Nonprofit and Advocacy

Working at a nonprofit or in an advocacy role requires that you understand the rights of the people or causes you serve so you can make beneficial decisions on their behalf. A legal background will provide you with this crucial foundation.

How Can You Use a Master of Legal Studies at a Nonprofit or in an Advocacy Role?

Master in Legal Studies will provide you with the legal background you need to understand and protect the rights of those in need, and thus better advance your organization’s mission. This includes making choices on behalf of clients and elevating certain situations to the court if criminal activity is taking place. You will benefit from courses such as Negotiation and Trial Advocacy.

Additionally, because nonprofits often require long hours with little funding, courses like Employment Law will equip you with the skills you need to properly advocate for yourself as an employee, or protect your business from legal retribution.

Relevant Courses

  • Trial Advocacy
  • Negotiation
  • Constitutional Law
  • Employment Law
  • Contracts
  • Civil Procedure
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