Social Work

Whether you’re advocating for a client or providing counseling services, understanding the law will help you strive for social justice and provide better care to the communities you serve. In particular, by studying the laws that are directly related to trial advocacy and civil procedure, a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree will help you gain further insight into your clients’ social and legal rights.

Some professionals in the social work field who would benefit from our MLS degree include social workers and protective services officers.

Social workers

Whether you are a social worker in the public or private sector, you can better support and advocate on behalf of clients by understanding the intersection of social work and law. Specifically, a background in contracts and trial advocacy can help you more effectively navigate client cases and make decisions that can have legal implications.

Protective services officers

A strong foundation in civil procedure — particularly the elements of pretrial and trial — will enhance your ability to serve your community and analyze situations on the job. Specifically, it will help you thoroughly understand the laws and regulations that you need to abide by in order to properly support your clients.

Relevant Courses

  • Contracts
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Negotiation
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Writing
  • Civil Procedure
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